Demo Reel

Current reel…Click on the link below to watch it in HD on Vimeo’s site.

Demo Reel 2010 from Adán Peña on Vimeo.

This is my latest reel, including a new project I’m working on with character animator Chris Cantero ( I’m interested in rigging and character setup along with user assisted scripted animation.

Programs and skills used are Autodesk Maya, MEL and Python scripting. Rendered with Renderman and Mental Ray, composited in After Effects.

Credits: “Pally Rays” character model by Chris Cantero, cheetah model by Gnomus at, rhino model by Garrett Moring, gorilla model by Jose Guinea Montalvo.

Reel Breakdown

Pally Rays
Description: A character rig; a collaborative project with a non-collocated animator, Chris Cantero. This rig is fully scalable and includes features such as a double rotating shoulder to maintain a chain- link connection, stretchy arms and legs, and a well organized hierarchy.
Tools: Maya, Python, MEL
Contributions: Rig, model tweaks, Python/MEL scripts
Credits: Model by Chris Cantero

Scripted Quadruped Rig
Description:  An adaptable Python-scripted rig for quadruped models. The user places locators at desired joint locations and run the script to generate the rig, hierarchy, and animation control system. The rig includes a broken hierarchy for the shoulder and scapula as well as auto-scaling joints for the flank based on the position of the leg bones.
Tools: Maya, Python
Contributions: Scripted rig, cheetah model tweaks, animation
Credits: Rhino model by Garrett Moring, gorilla model by Jose Guinea Montalvo

Stingray Rig
Description:  A creature rig with assisted undulatory motion and cloth driven skin
Tools:  Maya, Python, MEL, nCloth
Contributions: Model, rig, Python/expression script, cloth simulation

Auto Crab Walk
Description:  A Python/expression based animation tool for automated walking. The user moves the position of the body controller and the legs automatically move. The user can control the stride length and height, as well as individual leg delays.
Tools: Maya, Python, MEL
Contributions: Model, rig, Python/expression script, animation