So my friend Bobby introduced me to RiffTrax last weekend.  They’re hilarious.  It’s basically an audio commentary by the same people that used to do Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Bobby, his wife Adrienne, Marian and I watched 300 while being “riffed.”  Instantly turned the movie into a comedy.  It was awesome!

Tonight, some of us went to Cinemark to watch a RiffTrax live broadcast of the (horrible) movie Plan 9 from Outer Space (it was one of those Fathom Event things).  The riffing made it all worthwhile.  It was hilarious!  And it was kind of interesting to watch the live broadcast because they made it into an actual “event” with a music performer, audience participation and prizes.  It made the cost a little more justified (since it was about 3 times more expensive than seeing a movie…which only costs me $4, by the way).

Anyway, tomorrow we’re gonna watch Willy Wonka (the old one…the better one) with RiffTrax.  Neil Patrick Harris is guest riffing so it should be extra funny.

I definitely recommend RiffTrax if you want to add some extra spice to some mainstream movies.

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