Shameless Dropbox plug

I use Dropbox like crazy.

At first, it was just to keep some files synced between my desktop and laptop, but now that’s just one of the things I use it for.  For example, I set up two shared folders to be the file repository for two teams of students working on an animated short last spring (part of my research assistanceship with Tim McLaughlin).  I also have shared folders with other people to share photos, files and links.  It’s really convenient to have a place that I can put things and then be able to access them from any of my synced computers, or from any browser, or even from my phone!

I started using Dropbox back when it was in beta and had an article on it (and now they have many with tips and tricks you can do with Dropbox).  At that point it was 2GB storage with their free account.  Now, through referrals and the perk of being a student, I have 15.3GB of storage with my free account (50% of which I am using at the moment)!

So if you don’t already use it, I highly recommend it.  In fact, here’s a link to get you started:  Clicking that link will benefit the both of us: we both get more space!  And if you’re still wondering what all this is about, go take a tour of Dropbox…and then come back here and use my referral link to get signed up.  😛

And thanks to the Dropbox team for making (my) life easier!

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