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[So I’m going to try and post about fixes that I’ve been able to accomplish myself.  That way, people like me that are scouring the internet for a solution to a problem will not be bogged down with hours of searching through forums, etc.  It’s no fun.]

For the past few months, my mouse has been giving me grief.  It would randomly double-click when I single-clicked.  Also if I tried to click and drag something like a window across my screen, it would sometimes register a double-click and therefore maximize the window.  It got really annoying.  Especially when I would need to be using my mouse a lot for 3D modeling where precision counts and anything that adds time to an already tedious process gets old fast.

I searched online for an answer to the problem and it turned out I wasn’t alone.  Apparently the problem is caused by a small mechanism in the mouse called the micro switch.  Inside, there is a small piece of copper that acts as a spring and as a contact source for the mouse click to register.  Over time, this piece slowly loses its “bounce” and can therefore easily register the wrong things.  The solution: break into your mouse, remove the piece of copper, bend it back a little, and then put everything back in its place.  Easier said than done.

A guy named Doug Holden documented the whole proceedure (with pictures!) and that made it much easier for me to figure out how to complete the task.  It was still a pain though.  Imagine trying to fit a ~4mm x ~8mm paper thin piece of copper back into three points of contact, all of which are in tension.  Where are Lilliputians when you need them!?

30-45 minutes of tension and small parts + the risk of messing everything up = savings from having to buy a new mouse ($40+).  My left mouse button feels brand new again!

Here’s Doug’s tutorial with pics:

My specific mouse is part of the MX3200 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo from Logitech.

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