I got the new MacBook Pro! …kind of

Somehow this post got deleted.  So here’s what I can remember…

I got my new MacBook Pro in the mail today.  I had to pick it up from FedEx because I wasn’t here to sign when they delivered it.  So when I got home, I began my Mac product unveiling experience.  The packaging is really nice!  When I took of the plastic and opened the computer and took off the protective foam piece on the keyboard, my eyes went straight to one place.  The area to the right of the trackpad.  There was a small dent!

It wasn’t really a sharp dent, but instead a kind of “depression” in the metal.  I immediately got my phone, went outside and called Apple.  India answered the phone, hehe.  I was on the phone with a guy that was trying to figure out my problem and was then transfered to a “product specialist.”  He told me I had two options: send it back through Repairs (possible faster turnaround), or go through Sales for a replacement.  I was then patched through to sales and that route seemed like it was the best bet.  They told me that they’d email me some FedEx shipping labels and that when FedEx scanned it in, the replacement order would be immediately started.  I was on the phone for over an hour.

I’m not crazy…I showed the computer to Marian and my roommates and they were immediately able to point it out.  Below are some bad pictures of it.

Product Unveiling, Round 1New Trackpad, with blemishThe DefectDefect View 2Defect View 3

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