New MacBook Pro, Round 2

So the replacement came in the mail today. Unscathed! Here’s a little “mini review” after messing with it for a bit.

I finally got to be able to turn it on and try out the new features, the trackpad being a huge difference from what I (and everyone) is used to on a laptop. After using it for a couple of hours, I find the new multitouch features to be pretty nice. Two finger right-click, or click the lower right area of the trackpad for the same function. I’ll have to get used to the 4 finger gestures…I keep only using 3 fingers accidentally. I guess my pinky finger is slacking.

The glossy screen is awesome. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. The colors just jump out at you. I don’t even notice the glare/reflection unless the screen is completely black. It’s really easy to stay locked in focus to the screen and ignore the reflection. It’s really a great screen. And I really like the black border with the all glass surface. Cleaning it will be a piece of cake.

My previous notebook was an iBook G4, so this is a huge upgrade as far as graphics and power. The iBook was awesome for its time. It had a great battery life (6 hours at first!) and didn’t weigh much and was really thin, comparatively (again, all this was for its time). The new MBP is astounding, even for its [current] time. It definitely blows my iBook out of the water, as it should.

I will say though that I’m extra careful with this new computer. It could be the price, the previous inci-dent or some of the stories I’ve read, or a combination of all of that. Either way, it’s going to go through the same babying as any other gadget investment. At least at first.

Overall, I’m definitely glad I purchased it and I look forward to using this machine for the next couple of years. It seems like it’ll definitely take the plunge.

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