Third time’s a charm?

So it’s day 3 with the new MBP and I noticed something.  It looks like one dead pixel and one dim pixel in the screen!  Right in the middle, about a quarter of the way down from the top.  After that I was paranoid and searched the screen for more.  I found more “anomalies” but they weren’t dead pixels.  I know because the dead pixels are obviously on the LCD screen (I can see them even if I put a piece of paper on the glass…basically they were at a depth further away than the glass; a few mm).  The other things were on the surface of the glass, in between the glass and the LCD.  DUST!
To double check, I cleaned the outside surface of the glass with the microfiber cloth that was included and that further confirmed that the dust was inside and not on the outside surface.  One of the pieces of dust is about 4mm long, like the little floating “hairs” you see from time to time in the air when the light catches it right.

You may think this is all knit picky, but this computer was expensive and there should not be dust trapped inside the screen…let alone dead pixels already!  It’s day 3.

So I got on the phone and called Apple.  Again.  I told the rep what I found and after a while I was tranferred to sales where they told me that I would get a replacement.  Again.  I made it apparent that this was the second time I had to send back the product and the whole thing is putting me back 3+ weeks since I initially ordered the first one and that this time I already had it all set up the way I wanted.  So she put me on hold for a minute and came back with an offer of throwing in a free wireless keyboard.  I mentioned that since it was a laptop, I didn’t have a need for a keyboard and suggested a mouse instead.  So they’re throwing in a free wireless Mighty Mouse.  The free mouse is good and they’re paying for all the shipping (each time), but the time in between is where all the grief lies.  That, and my non-Mac friends are having a field day with all this!

Anyway, the point is that there shouldn’t be any defects in the product and that’s why it’s being replaced (each time).  This was Apple’s solution, so I can’t complain against getting a brand new product…it’s just frustrating that I have to continue to do so.  My 3+ year old iBook, my 1+ year old widescreen and 5+ year old standard LCD don’t have dead pixels, so my 3 day old MacBook Pro shouldn’t have anything wrong with the screen.

Chances are, I won’t get the replacement until the 24th.  🙁

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