Planning ahead

So, I just planned out my weekly schedule for this semester and…it’s crazy. I’m going to try my hardest to stick to it because in it are some important things that have to be planned or else they won’t happen. I mean they have to happen because they’re things like work, class, and my thesis, but there are just so many things involved with those that if I don’t allocate time, it’ll get messy.

Basically I’m booked from 8am-11pm each day (if I don’t get up at 6 to walk Sadie, which needs to happen to). I even put time to workout and I really want that to happen consistently this semester. I was pretty good last spring, but then after Spring Break, it went downhill. Once I get my iPhone, it should help me keep tabs on my schedule (it’s in Google Calendar, etc).

Gotta make all this into a routine/habit… It has to happen. Happen. By itself ‘happen’ looks like a German word… hehe

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