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So I (finally) got an iPhone yesterday (iPhone 3GS, 16GB).  I have to say…I’m pretty impressed.  I’ve had it for about 24 hours now and I’ve already gotten used to it.  At first, everything was a little awkward just because I was going from a slider phone with buttons to a flat touchscreen smartphone.  Texting was also awkward, but mainly because I was used to the tactile feedback of buttons and T9 completion.  The keyboard on the iPhone, being laid out like an actual keyboard, was out of the norm for me.  But my brain has now connected the familiarity of using 10 fingers down to 2.  And, I’ve gotten pretty fast at typing on it already.  The auto complete is nice and also some of the shortcuts.

Before I even bought the phone (waiting for my eligibility), I already downloaded 30 free apps to my laptop, ready to install.  It was a good and a bad thing to do.  It was good because it allowed me to slowly figure out what apps I wanted/needed on my phone.  It was bad because when I synced them to my phone, it added more time to my initial setup.  I had to open each one, login to my account, change the settings, etc.  It took at least an hour to set up and go through each app (including those already on the iPhone).  And actual phone calls were getting in the way of me setting up my phone!  Who would have thought?

Seriously though, even 24 hours in, I’m more on top of my email, social networks and daily life (calendar).  Definitely worth the money, I think.

Now to buy a case for it so that it survives the next two years…

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