AVATAR, round 2

I saw the movie again and…see the end of this post for my updated thoughts on my previous post.

BUT, the movie is still AMAZING with regard to CG stuff.  The characters fit so well and are so detailed and believable that it was hard to believe that they weren’t just actors with painted faces.  And you actually felt for the CG characters, something that usually never happens in a movie.  It makes me very excited to be going into this industry!  The tech has gotten crazy good while I’ve been in school and it’s only going to get better.


Back to the “bad”

I still stand by the stuff I said in the earlier post.  However, some of the things didn’t bother me so much this time.  Some things bothered me more.  [Spoiler:] For instance, one thing I didn’t mention before was that I didn’t like the fight scene at the end with the mech warrior thing because it didn’t seem believable to me (mainly its motion).  After watching it again, I paid closer attention and still didn’t like it too much.

About the musical score again, it really misses something big.  My friend Joe brought it to my attention and I thought about it some more and agree: it lacks a “hummable tune.”  As in, think about every big movie you’ve seen.  There’s usually a musical piece that someone can hum that will trigger you to that movie.  This wasn’t in AVATAR and it would have been a nice addition.

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