Clusters double transform fix

Having an issue with clusters?  Getting double transformations when you move the hierarchy they’re attached to?  Here’s the fix!

  1. Group the cluster
  2. Move the group’s pivot to where you want it to be (regarding rotation, etc)
  3. Parent constrain the group to the joint/object
  4. IMPORTANT: turn ON relative mode on the cluster (it’s a check mark in its attributes

This fix was used to keep a cluster controlling the pupil dilation of my eyes constrained to a joint that rotates the whole eye.

I got this working after reading a post on a forum helping to explain the Relative Mode option for clusters.  This fix is also if you’re like me and want things to be separated out in your rigging hierarchy.  If you straight parent a cluster to a joint/object, Maya automatically creates a group above the cluster to help with this whole thing.  Sort of.

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